Rachel Marsh is a UK based photographer with a passion for travelling and working with people, especially those with alternative lifestyles. The process of creating an image is an integral part of her practice, favouring older methods of photography to digital workflows. Her projects are closely linked to her own life and experiences.

As the march of the digital era continues, once common household items such as books and pictures have now been moved to online platforms. As such physical objects become obsolete, paper has become precious. As a very tactile person, my interest remains in the physicality of a photograph, I like to feel the weight of the photograph, the texture of the paper, even the smell of the ink. This has driven me to create images that have their own place within the physical world.

I was exposed to photography from a young age with my mother having a darkroom in the family home. Gifted with an automatic film camera in my early teens, I documented my school years through snapshots. It wasn’t until 2014 when I received my first DSLR that my interest in photography became a passion. Joining a local photography club, the Saltburn Photographic Society, I quickly progressed, competing against photographers with a wealth of experience, and having some success. In 2018 I made the step into professional photography, utilising my experience as a wedding coordinator to break into the world of wedding photography, less than a year later I applied to The Northern School of Art to study photography at degree level.

Currently in my final year, I have used my time at university to explore what photography means to me specifically how a photograph is taken and viewed. Coming full circle from my early roots, I have built a darkroom in my home which I have used to progress from film photography to wet plate photography.

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